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Gull Meadow Farms opens back up for the Fall and Winter season

As we transition into school and the upcoming season, fall activities start to open up. Gull Meadow Farms is a destination that all of Richland, and Southwest Michigan enjoys. At over 80 acres, GMF has lots to offer for all different ages. They’re known best for their apples, cider and of course, their six-acre corn maze. Every year, the farm chooses a design to cut into the field, and it’s always up for guess.

Rachel is sheep among other animals at Gull Meadow’s petting zoo. She was sunbathing earlier when we saw her. Photo by Molly Clark

Over the past weekend, my family and I went. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the temperature was perfect. Admission was $12 per person, which included almost all of the attractions. There is a petting zoo with goats and sheep, a large tractor slide, small mazes and so much more. We agreed that our favorite was the apple cannon.

For the apple cannon, employees collect the bad apples from their U-Pick apple orchard and sell baskets of them for you to shoot from their high pressurized cannons.  They have an assortment of targets that you can try to shoot, but really the apples just fly everywhere.

The Stars Wars race pigs were excited to see us. Photo by Molly Clark

After we did some target practice, we were invited to get a closer look at their race pigs. Jim, a worker at Gull Meadow Farms, works with them daily and was nice enough to let us get up close and feed them. Throughout the day they hold pig races fueled by old donuts from the Marketplace. Families gather around and place fun bets on who they think will win.

My family has gone to Gull Meadow Farms every year and I would recommend it to everyone in the community. They have so many fun games and activities that are tailored for all ages. Everyone in their staff is very educated and very friendly.

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