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Collegexpress gives list on different scholarships you can apply for

Now that it’s time for looking for scholarships for the future. Thanks to our Gull Lake counselors, a list has been compiled of different scholarships people could be interested in.

Do Scholarship

The first scholarship is from Do’s Healthier Us program. This has you donate at least five personal care and cleaning products to your local boys’ and girls’ club or shelter to win a $2,500 scholarship. The donations could be for anyone who is the age of 13 to 25. With the pandemic still around, many people of color and low income families can’t go outside for work. This scholarship helps you give to your community. Ways you can help is by donating your personal care items such as body soap, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies like wipes and detergent with help from your friends and adults in your life. 

Scholarship Saturday is coming.
Photo courtesy of Josh Moy

Nitro Scholarship

Another scholarship is a $2,000 Nitro Scholarship, and this is for applicants that are legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia and be enrolled in an accredited college or university for the upcoming year.

Fieldlevel Athletic Recruiting No-essay Scholarship 

For the athletic people, there is a scholarship for you. This scholarship is a $1,000 the Fieldlevel Athletic Recruiting No-essay Scholarship for high school athletes whose goal is to get recruited to play in college or the pros. To apply all you have to do is create your free Fieldlevel profile and connect with your coaches. 

Coachable Scholarship

Another athletic scholarship is the $1,000 Coachable Scholarship. For this scholarship you have to be a full time student enrolled in a post secondary institution and must write an essay discussing your importance of sports.

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

If you want to do a creative and fun scholarship there is one for you. This scholarship is for $2,000 and is called the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship. All you have to do is be a U.S. resident that is 13 years of age or older. You have to do a short 250-word or less essay on the topic of imagining that your high school/ college has been overrun with zombies. Your math professor, the cafeteria ladies and even your best friend have all joined the walking dead, use your brain and plan out how to avoid the zombies, including where you would hide and the top five things you would bring with you to stay alive.

Seniors, for the complete interactive list of Scholarship Saturday opportunities, check your email from Gull Lake guidance counselor Katie Soule.

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