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How Gull Lake Band takes on a challenging year

Gull Lake Band is still making its way through the year, covid or not. Although they won’t be marching in football games due to covid, the band continues to practice multiple times a week for many hours. These practices consist of masked students practicing their marches while memorizing their music for upcoming competitions

Gull Lake Marching Band competes in first MCBA competition
Photo taken by Alison Barnett

One of these competitions was last Saturday which junior Lexis Wasick said they did not stay to hear the result of how they did. They won’t receive this information until the judges release the information.

“I think that we did well considering all of the last minute changes we made. But, it definitely was not our best,” she said.

The marching band will  have another competition this coming up Saturday, which they will be “very well prepared for,” Wasick said.

As far as masks go, the band is required to wear them. While marching or socializing, but when they are playing, they are allowed to quickly pull them down.

“They are annoying and inconvenient but, over time, we get used to them,” Wasick said. 

Over the last weeks, the band has spent a lot of  time practicing in the school parking lot and the football field, rehearsing over and over.

“We have put in so much hard work and time, and it actually can be fun,” she said.

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