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Nurse delivers baby at the side of the highway

Majority of the people can’t say they’ve delivered a baby on the side of the road. Tina Padron can say she has. Padron was on her way to work at five in the morning when she had witnessed a car accident right in front of her eyes. 

Being a nurse and having medical experience, she had pulled over to help the civilians. Padron then triaged the cars to see who needed the most help. One of the cars consisted of a male who didn’t have any visible injuries and appeared to be fine. The other car had a woman who was going into active labor. 

In Padron’s line of work, she had never delivered a child.

She secured the spine, grabbed her first aid and lots of blankets, and tried to make the lady the most comfortable she could be. When she started pushing, the baby started coming fast. The baby’s head was very visible within the first couple minutes. 

“I wasn’t the least bit nervous,” she said.

Soon enough, the baby was here, but the cord was wrapped around its neck. After Padron untangled the cord, ambulances pulled up with their sirens blazing. The ambulance then escorted her away. 

“It was the most exhilarating thing I had ever experienced,” Padron said.

Having adrenaline rushing through her body, Padron then got in her car and went on to work. When she arrived, she cleaned up, changed her scrubs and went on with her normal work day. 

Later that day, she went to go check on the woman from earlier because she had been brought to a hospital connected to the one Padron worked at. She received the news that the woman was good, and the baby was a little premature. But, they were both safe and healthy. 

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