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Is hybrid learning better or worse for students?

Is hybrid learning better or worse for kids? Now that we have two days in school, I feel that it is easier to learn and participate. When it was all online, it was harder for me to understand what was going on because I would be distracted by my family, or I would get hungry and leave and get food. Now I can’t just leave and I have no excuse why I shouldn’t participate or listen in class. 

For in school learning, I feel it is easier to learn since you can ask questions and get instant feedback. For online you can’t get instant feedback, plus if you’re always on a Zoom meeting all the time it can get really boring and students will start to zone out and leave. Another thing is the cameras and microphones/ A lot of students don’t want their cameras on so the teachers won’t know if they are there or not. Along with their microphones, a lot of students won’t answer or participate in class, so their grade will reflect on that. 

Now that we are in school, we can get instant feedback, and students will start to better understand what is happening in class. Also students will not be able to turn off the cameras if they are in person. Therefore hybrid learning is best because it is easier to learn and focus on school.

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Brittney Wiley
Brittney Wiley
Hey! My name is Brittney Wiley. I am a Junior at Gull Lake High School. This is my second year on the newspaper staff. I am a cheerleader, and I also run varsity track. I am interested in newspaper because I love photography.

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