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Soccer players speak on wearing masks during games

 Recently governor Whitmer ruled that all athletes must be wearing masks while in the games, but not while they are sitting on the bench. 

Michigan is one of the few states that require masks to be worn during sports competitions.

Gull Lake senior Eron Sylejmani, a starting forward on the Gull Lake soccer team said he hates the masks and would rather the ruling was the other way around.

Eron Sylejmani dribbles ball past defender. Photo courtesy of Gull Lake Photography.

“I don’t like wearing it while I play,” he said, “but I don’t mind wearing it while I’m on the bench watching my team play.” 

Sylejmani said in his opinion it affects his breathing. 

“Especially when the mask gets sweaty and you’re trying to breathe, he said. “It feels like you’re getting water boarded out there.”

Senior Tray’shan McCloughan a Gull Lake starting Goalie, said he feels the masks affect his ability to save shots accurately.

“Playing with a mask is definitely different,” McCloughan said. “Like it makes breathing harder, and I need to breathe in order to make the saves I need to.”

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