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Tough decisions made about homecoming

Although all of the Gull Lake sports are continuing normally, respecting that everyone wears their masks and social distances, not all of the school’s extra activities will be happening.

 Homecoming, the dance we all know and love, has been yet another thing covid has taken away from the student body. The homecoming committee has been hard at work trying to work out multiple different scenarios so that people won’t go without homecoming this year, and unfortunately none of them worked out as they planned. Senate officially canceled the dance as of two weeks ago. 

“The committee went through many scenarios such as wearing masks to the dance, a drive in movie, and many other thoughts and discussions but unfortunately nothing to show for it,” senate adviser Reggie Walters said. “We are open to all possible other options this late fall/early winter if Covid circumstances are getting better.”

The committee had another meeting one morning discussing the homecoming topic, and what actions should be taken regarding the subject. The meeting resulted in making the decisions to have a senior court only, and elected a king and queen for Friday, October 9 football game. 

Gull Lake High School’s 2020 Homecoming queen and king seniors Caitlyn Greene and Koby Fraaza were crowned at Friday, October 9 half time. Photo by Leah Thomas

“We thought this would be a good way to honor the seniors and allow them to have some hoco event without violating the covid restrictions and ticket numbers,” student Madelyn Howe said. 

The committee is still hoping and planning on having some sort of occasion for Sno Court and prom. Whether or not those will be formal dances or some other fun alternative has not been disclosed. 

“The sophomores have been discussing fun alternatives so that they still have a fundraising event this fall, but we are not sure exactly what that will look like yet,” Howe said.  

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