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Students express hopes and concerns of hybrid schooling

These past weeks, Gull Lake High School and many other schools started the hybrid learning style. Hybrid at Gull Lake has  students attend virtual classes three days of the week and actually attend school for face-to-face learning the other two days. This brings a new outlook upon education as the students adapt to the new schedule, learn new modes of instructions and balance going to school all while working on their computers virtually and in the classroom. 

While many students are excited to attend school and see their peers for the first time in a while, there continue to be  concerns with  Covid-19 still being a threat and worries that students or members of the faculty  could test positive for it at any given time. 

Junior Braden Mayo works on his chromebook during Gull Lake’s new hybrid schooling in Kim Beeke’s first block social studies class on October 13. Photo by Gavin Hutchings

Students voiced common concerns regarding being able to learn and the chance of a Covid outbreak. 

Senior Nick DeAnda, Gull Lake varsity basketball player said he looks forward to being able to receive more one on one help from teachers and being able to see his friends although he worries that somebody could get Covid-19 and pass it on to him.

“I’m able to learn much easier if I’m in an actual classroom,” DeAnda said. “It does worry me that we could have a covid outbreak though.”

Senior Aron Sylejmani, Gull Lake soccer player said he is concerned about having to wear his masks all day and that he wants teachers to be understanding as we learn through these tough times. He also said he worries about a Covid-19 outbreak, and how bad it could spread.  

“A concern I have is having to wear my mask all day even when it’s hard to breathe, which is not ideal at all,” Sylejmani said. , “I do hope teachers will understand what we’re going through, and how hard it is to learn during this and how much work we get assigned. I also worry about a Covid-19 outbreak and possibly taking it home to my family unknowingly.” 

Senior Trent Stoner said he worries about how hard it will be to learn both online and in person. He also said he hopes teachers will be understanding and realize that it’s mentally draining to do all learning online. 

“One of my main concerns is that it may be pretty hard to learn the material online instead of in-person five days a week,” Stoner said. “I hope teachers will understand it’s kind of mentally draining to complete a ton of online work.”

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