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Precautions Gull Lake is taking to make athletic activities protected from Covid

A year ago athletic members never would have expected to be taking the precautions to ensure the health of students while playing sports. Today, however, due to these precautions, sports are being played, and Gull Lake has taken steps to ensure students stay healthy and fit while dealing with the Coronavirus. 

One of the precautions Gull Lake is taking with sports is wearing masks during athletic games. All of the individuals at school games are required to wear masks, this includes players, coaches and anyone in the stands watching. Requiring masks during athletic activities helps trap droplets released and spread throughout individuals, reducing the spread of Covid-19.

 “When players wear masks they are able to remove them briefly (if they move 6ft away from everyone) if they feel they need to. They also are to inform a coach immediately if they are having trouble breathing,” said Athletic Director, Karyn Furlong. 

With more restrictions comes more guidelines and always making sure students are lively during their games.  Gull Lake is prioritizing the health of students, especially when wearing masks to ensure students don’t overheat or hyperventilate guidelines have been placed. 

The fewer people at each game means fewer individuals possibly obtaining and spreading Covid-19, so another precaution athletics has taken is minimizing spectators.   

“When we began the fall season there were only two guests allowed per participant for both teams.  As of yesterday [October 12], this number has changed,” Furlong said. “We are now allowed to have 30 percent of our seating capacity for outdoor events and 20 percent of our seating capacity for indoor events.” 

Homecoming football game fans wear masks as they watch as game begins on October 9, 2020. Photo by Gavin Hutchins

This new change results in more individuals being able to attend in person and watch athletic activities. 

Although the percentage of fans allowed at games is low, restrictions ensure healthy participants while still enjoying the activities they were before Covid. 

Even though many people were not allowed into games to watch, the Gull Lake athletics Facebook pages streams the games for audiences to watch at home.  With the new rules in order, Gull Lake will continue to stream for those who prefer being a stay at home audience and support the athletics from there.

According to Mlive practice drills are done physically distant and no individuals should be in proximity of other players.  This means during practice when students are around other athletes, individuals must be socially distant when possible and wearing masks for protection.  Keeping all participants in athletics safe and healthy is Gull Lakes’ number one priority, along with reducing the spread and cases of Covid19.

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