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Are esports the new ‘it’ sport?

As most people in society are familiar with the recent uprising in the videogame world, are they also familiar with the term esports? Well for those who aren’t, esports is a very competitive, organized gaming world that has gained millions of fans throughout the world over the years. Gamers from different states go up against other popular at home gamers in that state, and these gamers are followed by millions of people worldwide that tune into their lives or on tv. 

 According to CNN, revenue will reach $906 million worldwide in 2018. By 2019, that number is expected to surpass $1 billion. The incorporation of the EA Madden Franchise, a popular game company, in the esports tournament in jacksonville gave the Franchise $4 billion in revenue. The businesses aren’t the only ones raking in money, the gamers are too. 

winner of big esports competition is escorted on stage to receive well earned prize. photo courtesy of Kaylee Hultgren 3/2/20

According to CNN, “by the end of 2018, 1.6 billion people will have some knowledge of eSports — that’s more than one fifth of the entire world’s population.”

With just as much recognition, fan base and revenue as regular sports, some don’t think this activity actually is a sport, simply because it doesn’t follow the guidelines in its definition which says the activity must contain physical exertion. 

“Esports takes incredible hand eye coordination and you need to have millisecond reactions if you want to win whatever game you’re playing,” said sophomore and esports enthusiast Cameron Gatehouse. “The increasing fan base of video games and esports is because people don’t have to rely so much on their physical appearance and abilities. You rely more on your ability to critically think and constantly make split second decisions.”

To some people, split decision making isn’t convincing enough to think video games is a real sport.

“I think for something to be a sport it needs to be a physical thing as in getting up and doing something with your entire body and exercise while doing it,” sophomore Jacob Elwell said. 

Both with large amounts of money revenue, recognition and entertainment, that leaves the questions standing, are esports real sports. And will the super bowl one day turn into a video game tournament.

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