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Public encouraged to adopt and gift animals from Kalamazoo Nature Center

To get in the spirit of Christmas, Kalamazoo Nature Center has come up with a program where you can adopt and potentially gift an animal from their animals. The program is a way to show support and learn more about these animals.  

You can go in to meet all of their amazing animals or meet them virtually via google meet. For extra money, you can meet with your animal along with a personal trainer, ready to answer whatever questions you might have.

With just $50, you can adopt any animal from opossum to any type of owl you can think of. These adoptions have many positive benefits such as, helps to provide care for an animal at KNC, gives an unreleasable animal a permanent home (they will live and be cared for at KNC, and supports educational programming. 

Animal Care Coordinator Jenna Krebs with the Irvine Nature Center, shows visitors a great horned owl. Photo courtesy of the Irvine Nature Center

When you adopt the animal, it won’t be taken home with you. It will stay in the care of the center where they can properly take care of it. You are essentially donating money to the animal you adopt, caring for it emotionally, expanding your knowledge about the animal and its species as a whole, and gaining a new life long friend.

Luckly, covid doesn’t really affect the adoption process.  Due to closures related to covid, the processing of animal adoptions will be delayed beyond the usual timeframes, but that is it. 

Someone could give or receive the most amazing gift this year, a beautiful animal in need of a family. Not only is this someone getting the pleasure of adopting an animal but the animal is getting a lot out of this adoption too.

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