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Students question SAT requirement

Ask any teenager and most will say that SAT isn’t a measure of a student’s IQ or potential. It has long been accused of bias and that it poses unfair advantages since students who take advanced math or English classes have an edge over their peers. 

Senior Aron Sylejman said he feels the test isn’t a real depiction of someone’s IQ or abilities. 

“It shouldn’t be required because it doesn’t actually depict your IQ, and it stresses kids out a lot,” Sylejman said.

According to Forbes, SAT has an unfair advantage with minority students scoring much lower. Where required by states, there has been a national push to have the test optional in states as well as having many universities pull back from having SAT and ACT needed for admissions.

Since some students are bad test takers, they naturally will do poorly on the test. While high score are somewhat of a predictor of academic success, GPA average is a much stronger predictor of success according to many studies, such as one done by the University of Wisconsin.

Senior John Stage said he doesn’t feel the test actually displays your knowledge, rather it shows how long you can stay focused, and it makes it hard for kids to take their time on the test because it has timed sections. 

“It shouldn’t be required,” Stage said. “It’s just a test to show our attention span and since it’s timed kids can’t take enough time to analyze the information they need to answer.”

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