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Is it a good idea to have the basketball season despite Covid-19?

 Gull Lake High School recently announced that the basketball season will happen despite Covid-19 numbers rising. Some people are unsure if this a good idea because it isn’t easy to social distance at basketball games, therefore putting people at risk of catching the virus. 

Senior guard John Stage and he said he feels that even though it is risky to play during all of this, he thinks it will be fine as long as everyone is wearing their mask at all times and at least trying to social distance. He said  the players and fans responsibility plays a huge part in how it all plays out. 

“I think we should play,” Stage said. “We just need everyone to be wearing their masks at all times and doing the best they can at social distancing at the games. Even though it’s risky, if everyone plays their part and is responsible about it then I think the season will go perfectly fine.”

Junior guard Tyler Corstange said that he thinks maybe there could be rules put in place such as only allowing players parents to come, a fan limit, or  Covid-19 test as the entrance to ensure nobody there has it. Although he also said he’d like there to be some rules and regulations, he still wants to play and is excited to be out there.

“I really want to play, but I know it’s risky to have packed games,” Corstange said.“I think we should just have rules for fans like maybe only letting parents come to our games, or maybe having a fan limit so games don’t get too packed. I also think that once you enter the building you should be given a Covid test, so then we know none of the fans have the virus. Regardless of how they conduct the safety in the building, I want to play and am excited about our season.”

Senior guard Nick DeAnda said he really wants to play as well and said he expects all his teammates to be following safety guidelines and the fans to also be safe so he can enjoy his senior season. 

“I just want to be able to enjoy my last season as a varsity basketball player,” DeAnda said. “So I expect all of my teammates to be safe and keep their masks on, and I expect our fans to be safe as well. The last thing I want is to not be able to play my last year.”

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