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A showcase of the thrilling features of Unwind

In her podcast, Liberty reviewed a book series she had read sometime ago. It is still her favorite book series she has ever read. Unwind is a dystopian thriller by Neal Shusterman that follows three teens running from a government that believes unwinding or body harvesting, is an alternate solution to abortions and unwanted teens. Unwinding is also a choice for very religious families who want to tithe one of their teens.

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Liberty Ashbaugh
Liberty Ashbaugh
Hi, I’m Liberty. Yes, like the car insurance. I’m a sophomore at Gull Lake I joined the newspaper because I thought it would be fun to try something new and to be a part of something that I could invest my time and interest in. Although I'm not the best writer, which is another reason I wanted to join, I like to think of myself as someone who has an open mind and can see everyone’s opinion at a different angle. I hope being a part of newspaper will enhance my writing capabilities and that I will slowly improve with the amount of practice I'll get.

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