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Exams cause more harm than good

Test anxiety is a combination of physical and mental incapabilities to perform well on tests. This could be for a number of different reasons because every person is different. Tests and exams should be a motivating and uplifting way to see what students know, using things that interest them or ways to showcase their talents.

This way, not only is their good performance being highlighted, but there will also be good parts being brought out of their bad performances too. 

“Exams should be fun and exciting; but in today’s days, exams are pills of frustration and stress. The concept of exams, today, is very restricted… teachers should evaluate students using exciting activities where the student feels challenged and desires to showcase his or her talent. Exams lead to comparison and discrimination.”

Sophomore Landon Wyman

According to Verywellmind, test anxiety can be caused by a number of different reasons such as fear of failure. Bad test history can be another cause. Students not doing well in the past can have a negative affect on their performances in the future.

From our interviewed group of visual learners we can hypothesize that the best and most common way to study for next trimester’s exams is through visual learning, such as flash cards, Quizlet, charts, and books. Photo courtesy of UBC Learning Commons.

Schools want students to go in and do the best they can, but it’s hard to execute your best when you are under so much pressure and feel like you’re being set up for failure.

“Exams are indeed more stressful than they have to be. I think if students maintain a certain grade level throughout the class they shouldn’t have to take an exam. We don’t remember what we learned at the beginning of the week let alone the beginning of the trimester.”

Sophomore Emma Kerr

A suggestion students have made was that instead of enforcing exams over the whole student body, teachers should only enforce exams over people who seem like they need to be tested over what they know. If a student maintains a certain grade level the whole learning period, isn’t the showcase enough that they know the material?

High schoolers are just trying to get through the week, and remembering and cramming material from the very beginning of the trimester shouldn’t be a priority. 

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