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Grace Springs Church adjusts to covid restrictions

Through the struggling times during this pandemic and the second quarantine lockdown, many start to stress and become anxious.  When losing family members, or sadness taking over emotions, many people will turn to prayer and religion for reliance. 

Grace Springs is one particular church that is helping those who need support and guidance through these hard times. 

“Church hasn’t changed much but we are required to wear a mask when not in the congregation, for protection,” said Nolan Greenwood, member of Grace Springs Church. 

While still following covid restrictions, Grace Springs has also managed to set up prayer meetings and small events.  Grace Springs has set up time for going through the book of proverbs, and many are constantly meeting in small groups to sharing their beliefs and worship god as a whole.  It keeps the community posted of changes on its website with Covid-19 updates.

While being online during mass, distractions always occur, and it is hard to stay focused when on a screen, but Grace Springs’ online campus helps people stay connected.

“It’s a lot harder since it’s much easier to get distracted while you’re at home,” Greenwood said. “I miss the face to face interactions that you can’t get with other people when you’re at home.”  

The overall experience of church and practicing religion has changed while managing and dealing with the pandemic.  Although simple communication with others proves difficult through a screen, even with the challenges it faced, Grace Springs strives to support its members and community. 

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