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Students prepare for Christmas

On December 25, it is the jolly holiday, Christmas and everyone has their own unique ways of getting ready for it.Some decorate their houses, others bake lots of cookies, and some watch Christmas movies.

I spoke with senior John Stage about what he does to prepare for the holiday. Stage said to prepare he bakes with his parents and has learned to cook a new Christmas meal every year.

“Every year I prepare by cooking with my parents,” John said. “We usually bake cookies and then my mom teaches me how to cook a new Christmas meal I’ve never learned before. Last year she taught me how to make lasagna, and this year she said she’ll teach me how to make chicken alfredo.’

Senior Nick DeAnda said every year his family gets together to watch Christmas movies all month and decorate the tree together. 

“Every year my family gets together and we watch all the classic christmas movies,” DeAnda said. “Our favorite one is Home Alone 2. We all get a new ornament that is relevant to our lives, and we then decorate the tree together and eat dinner. It’s a lot of family time for us.”

Senior Eron Sylemanji said his family does a Secret Santa throughout the family. Each family member buys a gift for the other which helps them bond more.

“My family does a big secret santa to get ready for Christmas,” Sylejmani said. “We all randomly get assigned a person to get a gift for, but we don’t know who we’re getting a gift from so it makes it exciting. There’s always some really funny gifts that are given out every year. For us, it’s more about bonding instead of actually worrying about the gifts we receive.” 

My family? We watch movies and watch a church service to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and bond as a family. 

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