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What to expect from 2021 wrestling

Brenden Perry wresting at a home meet. Photo by Gull Lake Newspaper Staff

This year wrestling is going to be different unfortunately because of Covid-19. With masks required all the time and 6 feet apart social distancing, people are curious how wrestling is going to work. 

Wrestling team member junior Brenden Perry explained how wrestling 2021 will happen and the precautions taken.

“This year we have been going to Otsego practices facility, and we wear masks the entire time,” Perry said.

Perry said he began wrestling at the young age of 4 years old because his parents put him into practices. He said wrestling is harder than people think, with all the cutting weight and long practices–that’s Perry’s least favorite part about wrestling.

“My favorite part of wrestling is putting in the hard work during practices and being able to see friends,” Perry said.

The first meet is January 25, but it is still uncertain where the meet will be.

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