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Varsity basketball players reveal how they feel about the shortened season

Recently the MHSAA announced that the high school basketball season will be shortened to about 17 games instead of the usual 20 games. This not only affects the length of the season, but the players as well, as they now have to play games more often to fit all the games into the shortened season. This could mean they are forced to play three games a week and have less time to rest up and let their bodies recover. 

Senior guard John Stage said he feels that even though it is going to be very tiring to play with this schedule, he is still excited to be on the court and put in some work in. 

“I’m still very excited to play,” Stage said. “We won’t have as much time to rest, but regardless, I’m still ready to work hard and play. It’s better than nothing, and I find it kind of cool that we will be playing at the same pace as NBA players do so we will get a taste of how they feel.”

Junior guard Tyler Corstange said that this will be a new experience for him, and he is a little weary of how his body will handle it, but he still wants to play and hopes the players can have fans at the games again. He also said he feels this will be good for his body at the same time because he is able to push himself. 

“I am a little worried about how my body will handle all these games,” Corstange said. “But I want to play and hopefully have fans at the games. As worried as I am, I do think this will get me in very good shape and allow me to push my body to the limits and help me excel in sports more.”

Senior guard Nick DeAnda said he is just excited to play and doesn’t care how hard it’ll be because he is willing to work through it for his team

“I’m not worried about less time to rest, I just want to play,” DeAnda said. “Even if it’s going to be hard on my body, I’ll work through it for the team because this is my last season, and I want to enjoy every second of it.”

This season will prove a challenge for the players as they’ll have to learn to maintain their bodies on this fast-paced schedule. The players said they are determined to put the work in regardless of their circumstances this year and get the job done. Team member also expressed the hope that fans to be allowed in games because that will only fuel the players through this rough journey. 

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