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Students tell plans for spring break

As spring break approaches, it’s time for kids and their families to start deciding what they want to do for their spring break vacation. Lots of students go to Florida, others go to professional sports games, and some just choose to stay in and get some relaxation with their families. 

Senior John Stage said he and his family always go to Florida for their break so they can get their annual taste of the hot Florida weather and nice big beaches. He also said he and his family enjoy the big cities down there and love to sight see and eat the food. 

“My family goes to Florida every year for as long as I can remember,” Stage said. “Our favorite things to do while we’re down there is to spend lots of time at the beach together, try new foods we’ve never had, and walk around and explore the city together. Florida has some of the best views you’ll ever see for sure. Especially if you’re from Michigan.” 

Senior Aron Sylejmani, says he used his spring break to reunite with old friends he hasn’t seen in a very long time and he also has lots of family members over to hang out together. He also uses this time to go to the beach with his friends and do fun activities such as jet skiing and fishing. 

“Every year on spring break I usually just have a lot of family members and some of my old friends over,” Sylejmani said. “I also will go to the beach with a lot of my friends and jet ski and fish. I choose to go to the beach because besides summer, spring break is one of the only times you can go to a beach in Michigan. It’s also just nice to hang out with my friends and relax.”

Junior Nathan Louden says spring break is one of his favorite times because it gives him more time to get in the gym and put some work in for sports. He spends almost the whole week on the basketball court pushing himself to become a better player and get ready for the next upcoming season.

“I love spring break because it just gives me even more time to grind and work on my skills in basketball,” Louden said. “I’m able to be in the gym for hours and hours everyday for the whole week just perfecting my skills. It doesn’t get much better than that and I really cherish chat time because I can’t workout for that long when I’m in school which sucks so I make the most out of my time during spring break.”

Senior Nick DeAnda said his family usually goes to Colorado to go skiing and snowboarding.

His family is very big on cold weather so they also head to their cottage up north, and prepare to hit the snow hills together. He said he enjoys this time because is allowed to bring a friend with him as well, and he can take in some new scenery.

“We already have all of our gear waiting for us in our cottage in Colorado so we take the drive up north and as soon as we get there we put it all on and get right to the action,” DeAnda said. “It’s cool to have someone to hang out with and give them a taste of some new scenery then what they are used to seeing.”

Looks like people already have their plan for the vacation. What do you and your family do on spring break? Let us know in the comments.

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