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Students reflect on how they feel this school year

This school year has been a tough year for students to adjust to. They’ve been in and out of school, had to learn to take classes through computer screens,and have had two different class schedules. These changes can definitely take a toll on the students as they are constantly trying to balance between these changes and keeping their grades up as well.

Senior Eric White said this is by far the least favorite school year he has ever had. He said he feels it has been very unfair to the students as he’s struggled to learn through virtual classes and feels like he’s more just attending classes rather than actually learning the material.

”It’s been very hard to stay engaged in classes,” White said, “and actually learn material because I don’t retain information the same as I do when I’m in person. I also often find myself being exhausted because I can’t get used to switching from the online schedule and the in person schedule.”

Senior Trent Stoner said he feels this year hasn’t been as bad as everyone says it has and has actually enjoyed all the changes and new experiences school has put him through. He thinks the only downfall of the year has been not being able to see his friends and not taking classes he enjoys such as Gym, Strength and Conditioning and Lifetime Sports. 

“I honestly don’t think this year has been as bad as everyone makes it out to be,” Stoner said. ”I’ve found it refreshing to be able to see all these new experiences and challenges. Doing the same school routine every year gets boring to be honest so I think I needed a change in pace. Although I’ve liked the different experience, it has sucked not being able to see my friends as much because they make my classes more enjoyable. I also wasn’t able to take Gym classes I like either.”

Junior Tyler Corstange said he hasn’t liked the school year either and wishes he could go back and restart the school year. He feels like this hasn’t even been a real high school year and that the only thing that made the year somewhat good is being able to play sports and how the students were eventually able to go back in person. 

“I don’t feel as if this was even a real school year,”said Corstange.” If I could I would definitely go back and restart the year over and make it normal. Looking back on it, the only thing remotely good about this year is that I’ve been lucky enough to play sports and not have those completely taken away from me. It was also good that we didn’t have to stay virtual the whole year and were able to eventually see our friends and do things like talk at lunch or play games in the gym.”

Senior John Stage said he has no specific emotions towards this school year 

“I’m just going with the flow right now and I have been all school year,” Stage said.,”I don’t really care whether we’re in person or online as long as I can keep my grades up which I’ve been able to. If something happens that affects my grades then I’ll have a problem but until then I’m perfectly fine with how this year has gone.”

The students all have their own feelings towards this year and how it’s gone. How do you feel about how your school year has gone?

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