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Students tell what their biggest high school achievement is

High school is a time of personal growth for students. Personal growth can be achieved through hardships, mentors, classes, sports, or anything else that allows students to grow as a person and become someone they are proud of. Students can identify certain events and discuss how it allowed them to blossom into a better version of themselves. 

Senior John Stage said his achievements allowed him to grow and it was learning to have better time management the helped him most. He contributes this to playing two sports. 

“If I had to pick, I would say my best achievement was learning to balance my time between school and sports,” Stage said. “I often found myself being very tired due to practices or games and trying to cram all my homework in at night, so I allowed my grades to drop.I started using every chance I had to do homework whether it meant I couldn’t play video games or hang with friends. This helped me a lot and brought my grades back up and I now am a lot more responsible when it comes to scheduling time for things and prioritizing the right stuff.”

Senior Derrick Burroughs said his greatest achievement in high school was accepting who he was as one of the only African American students in a predominantly white school and focusing on his education and not peoples views on things. 

“This was a very difficult challenge for me because being one of the only African Americans makes you feel like an outsider,” Burroughs said. “Going to school dances I’d be the only one who didn’t know the songs being played, I had virtually no one to talk to about political problems I felt strongly about such as racism or police brutality. I also found myself being offended by cultural appropriation on several occasions when I would see my peers using black slang just to be funny. Dealing with this made me feel as if I was out of place should be attending another school. I was able to overcome this challenge by reminding myself that I’m at school to get my education and become successful, not change people’s view on things. By doing this it has put me on track to elevate my life into a place where I will no longer have to deal with this type of problem and can focus on bigger and more important goals in my life.”

Senior Dakota Asmund said his best achievement was getting himself to stay motivated in school. 

“I often found myself wondering if school really mattered or if I wanted to continue being in it,” Asmund said. “I’ve always wanted to be able to live comfortably and be able to afford things I need or want and I had to realize that all of that is attainable through education. Going forward, every time I found myself losing motivation or wanting to quit I would remind myself of my goals in life and think about what I wanted to achieve. By doing this it allowed me to produce some of my best work which in turn, motivated me to work even harder in school.”

Senior Eric White said his best achievement by far was completing his precalc class. He said completing this class has equipped him with the tools necessary to face any other hard classes. 

“My Precalc class has given me better work ethic and greatly improved my problem solving skills,” White said. “Being able to work out tough problems and persevere in this class will make it a lot easier for me once I get to college and run into challenging classes there as well. Precalc has also given me a jumpstart on the career I aspire to work in. I aspire to work in the IT field and one day become the head of a technology department. The IT field has tons of math in it so being a strong math student now will only prepare me for the math in college.”

These students have used their high school years to develop themselves for the better. What’s your greatest high school achievement? 

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