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Gull Lake High School hosts Casino Night instead of Prom

Gull Lake High School has recently made the choice to host a casino night that is Las Vegas themed instead of prom. They will host this at the Sherman Lake Y and have tables set up like a casino with games for the students to play. Students will still dress up fancy as if they were attending a dance and still take pictures before commencing the night. 

Senior Kaylie Murphy said although it’s not her first choice she still thinks the casino night will be fun, and she is excited to try something new with her friends.

“To be honest, it’s not my preference for prom,” Murphy said. “But at least we’re doing something and not just letting seniors graduate without some type of fun event. It’s a new experience but i think me and my friends will still have fun.”

Senior Eric White said he also isn’t too thrilled about not having a prom but is glad then get something remotely fun to do instead of nothing

“I wasn’t too excited about not having prom,” White said. “But at least we still get some type of night to enjoy time with our friends before we graduate.”

While students are disappointed that traditional prom will not take place, students such as White and Murphy said they are grateful that they are able to have some form of celebration shere friends may have fun before they graduate. 

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