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Lesly Krawczyk celebrates her cheerleading experience

If you’ve been to a competitive cheer game at Yorktown High School, chances are you’ve seen base Lesly Krawczyk stunting and tossing girls in the air. 

Krawczyk is a junior at Yorktown High School in Indiana and has been a cheerleader for most of her life. 

“I just really loved the sport, I loved tumbling and wanted to do it as part of a team, not just myself,” Krawczyk said. 

Cheer has been a big part of her life, and she recommends everyone joins a cheer team at some point in their lives. 

“The teams I’ve been on, we’ve grown close, and we become a family. It’s nice always having your friends around you,” Krawczyk said.

While many argue that cheerleading isn’t a sport, Krawczyk disagrees. 

“I think it’s ignorance really, I mean it’s easy to say that a whole bunch of things aren’t sports, people aren’t really informed of the entire sport and they think we just run around with pom poms and scream, but that’s not what we do. I try to educate those people when I can,” she said.

Cheerleading has helped shape who she is today.

“Cheer has been a lot of fun, and it’s been very exciting, it’s helped me become more outgoing and social,” Krawzcyk said.

While she doesn’t plan on continuing cheer in the future, she doesn’t regret her time in cheer.

“I would do it again all in a heartbeat, it’s been pretty epic,” Krawczyk said.

By Alicia Gumper guest writer

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