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Gull Lake boys bathrooms in shambles

Everybody uses the bathrooms. However, I have found it increasingly difficult to bring myself to use these claustrophobic dungeons. The stench and state of the bathrooms are horrendous, however the lack of space has been the most common problem throughout this school year.

The last thing you see before you enter the pit of misery. Photo by DeWitt Renwick.

You read that correctly. The increasing popularity of the bathrooms has taken away the possibility of using the bathroom during the limited five minute passing time. It befuddles me how people can spend more than a minute or two in the bathroom without wanting to puke at the sight of days old leftover defecation or mystery liquid splashing at every step. But somehow there are 10+ people in the bathroom at a time. 

I don’t know what type of shenanigans goes on in the bathrooms for the whole passing time, and I don’t want to find out. 

“I try to approach my bathroom experience as a gentleman, but when people don’t follow that, they turn into wild animals in the bathrooms,” senior Max Skrceny said. “I even sometimes hear screeches and howls coming from the bathrooms when I walk by.”

Life-long bathroom user Max Skrceny is fed up with the extracurriculars taking place in the bathrooms.

I once took a daring journey into the social studies bathroom only to be waiting in a line. 

I soon came to find out that there was no line at all, it was just a group of guys huddled around the urinals. You should never have to wait to urinate and that basic right of mine was violated. This issue of crowded bathrooms needs to end. Kids who need to use the bathroom can’t, and therefore have to use it during class, taking away from their learning experience.

A look at what sums up the boys bathroom, no dividers and no flushing. Photo by DeWitt Renwick.

The aftermath suggests more than just going number one or number two in there. The urinal dividers are ripped off the walls and trash littered all over the floor. Soap streaks from the mirror and walls while water covers the floor. It is impressive that they can even get any soap because the majority of the dispensers have been ripped out of the wall and put on the ceilings.

Last but not least, the whole hand washing experience needs to be improved across the board. From the sinks with no water pressure to the hand dryers with no air pressure, there is not much hand washing going on in GLHS. There are a few good sinks and a few good hand dryers sprinkled throughout the school, but you can never remember which bathroom has what in the heat of the moment.

The boys of Gull Lake High School need to do better when it comes to bathrooms. This means less time standing around in the bathroom and more taking care of the bathrooms. 

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