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In Review: Bake Off cooks the competition

In typical baking and cooking competitions, there are high stakes, dramatic music and quite possibly Gordon Ramsay yelling at the chefs. Bake Off, however, is calming like a rainy fall morning spent curled up with an entertaining book. 

Image courtesy of and Ella Olsson.

The show is set up in a spacious open-air tent, which makes the viewer feel they’re in nature. The tent is strung with Union Jack pennants (a potentially controversial decision considering Brexit), ingredient shelves and kitchenettes for the bakers. In addition to the dreamy visuals, the hosts, Noel Fielding and Mattew Lucas, create a playful atmosphere with jokes during time announcements. 

On one announcement Fielding had a toy radio that had prerecordings of Lucas pretending to be different radio stations: a BBC Radio 1 host playing an Ed Sheeran song, announcing the time left, and a fake complaint about Fielding. 

The 12 bakers never lose their cool despite the pressures of the competition; each week completing a creative challenge, technical challenge, and Showstopper challenge. Each week also presents a theme. In episode three, the bakers cooked bread for Bread Week, in episode five the bakers cooked German pastries for German Week, among Cake Week, Biscuit Week, Dessert Week and Pastry Week. 

This season Lizzie, Crystalle, and Giuseppe are standouts. Lizzie’s easygoing, blunt, from Liverpool, and a constantly talented baker. Crystalle is joyful, emotionally intelligent and baked an impressive curry meat pie that earned her a Hollywood handshake from judge Paul Hollywood. Giuseppe is the only Italian of the group, but he masterfully creates delicious yet personal desserts like a cake inspired by the cake his father made for his wedding. 

If you’re looking for a delightful, charmingly British baking competition, Bake Off is perfect for the winter season.

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