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The National Dog Show proves to be a Thanksgiving classic

Each year, The Kennel Club of Philadelphia broadcasts The National Dog Show from noon to 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving. These well-kept pups, who have trained hard to get into the show trot around, do tricks and stand tall as judges pick out the best in their group.  Over 2,000 of the top American Kennel Club dogs compete for the Best of Breed, First in Group and Best in Show titles.  Immediately after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, almost 20 million people tune in to see all 205 breeds of dogs the competition offers.

A non-specific dog show event where a little girl leads her dog to success. Photo by Public Domain Pictures

Howling History

Although The National Dog Show has only been broadcast on NBC for 20 years, dog shows have a long, general history.  The first official modern dog show was held in 1859 as a side attraction for a cattle show in England.  Only sporting breeds were presented for gun prizes.  Later that year in Birmingham, England, non-sported breeds were added to a dog show, leading to major success and the creation of the National Dog Show by the next year.

Over 100 years later, the Philadelphia Kennel Club created the television event called The National Dog show to air on Thanksgiving day. Technically, this National Dog Show is different from the one created in 1860 because the televised competition is run by The Philadelphia Kennel Club, meant for American audiences instead of the UK.  This dog show, however, has been bringing enjoyment to dog-lovers since 1879, steadily increasing in contestants and audience members.

Past winners of Best In Show

2002: Miki – Standard Poodle

2003: Raisin – Doberman

2004: Gracie – Smooth Fox Terrier

2005: Rufus – Colored Bull Terrier

2006: Vikki – Toy Poodle

2007: Swizzle – Australian Shepard

2008: Holly – Pointer

2009: Sadie – Scottish Terrier

2010: Clooney – Irish Setter

2011: Eira – Wire Fox Terrier

2012: Sky – Wire Fox Terrier

2013: Jewel – American Foxhound

2014: Nathan – Bloodhound

2015: Charlie – Skye Terrier

2016: Gia – Greyhound

2017: Newton – Brussels Griffon

2018: Whiskey – Whippet

2019: Thor – Bulldog

2020: Claire – Scottish Deerhound

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