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Sydney Padgett powers through her busy schedule

Similar to other Gull Lake High School students, Sydney Padgett is no stranger to the chaotic schedule that school, clubs and a job have to offer.  She spends most of her days attending college classes and extracurricular activities, all while making people laugh and gathering information.  Padgett is a junior, meaning she has taken most of the classes that the school has to offer in human sciences, like Anatomy and Physiology, Intro to Psychology and Forensic Science.  This selection of classes will help her discover whether or not she would like to pursue a career in Psychology.

In the midst of multiple college classes packing her schedule, Padgett attends two classes at the high school, AP Language and Composition and Western Civilization.  In AP Language and Composition, she is currently creating the perfect argumentative essay on the value Astrology has on society.  Meanwhile, Padgett attends Western Civilization once a week in the evenings, unlike the other class being daily and during the school day.  She strives to keep her grades high in the class by participating in discussions on historical topics such as Ancient Greecian society.

Sydney (middle) and her classmates look for geological landmarks in Western Civilization class. Photo by Lily Page.

In terms of math, however, Padgett is not taking any classes other than personal finance.

“The teacher is great and the class is a lot easier than other classes,” she said. 

According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 50 percent of the U.S. population experiences anxiety over math, so this opportunity would be blissful for most.  Padgett was originally going to take trigonometry instead, but the class didn’t fit in her schedule. 

“It was a blessing in disguise,” she said. 

She intends to stay far from the class for senior year.


  • Student Senate
  • DOA
  • NHS
  • Model UN

Padgett has been in the school’s Student Senate since freshman year, elected for the secretary position for the junior class this year.  The Student Senate orchestrates most school events in groups, giving each three main events to plan each year. 

She and her group were placed with the large task of planning the Sno Court dance, in which details for the 2022 dance are confidential.  The group is also creating a slideshow for the rest of the senate to decide on a final theme.  Then, the group illustrates a plan of how the dance will go and what spirit week will consist of.

Get a look into the planning of Sno Court last year to find out what to expect this year.

In terms of extracurriculars, NHS is another prominent part of Padgett’s busy schedule.  All NHS members must have four service hours per trimester and report to meetings every few weeks.  Recently, Padgett volunteered to help give tours of the new elementary buildings, which is exciting for even the tour guide to experience. 

“It was a fun experience, but it was sort of complicated since I didn’t know the entire layouts of the buildings,” she said. 

Meanwhile, Sydney also participates in Model UN and DOA, as well as maintaining a job at Arby’s.  She leads a busy life, but she stays on top of all the chaos.  Like many juniors, Sydney has to weave away from the overwhelming loads of homework and college classes.

“The people I work with at Arby’s are nice, but the customers can be frustrating.”

Sydney Padgett

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