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Gull Lake Basketball gets ready for the season

Gull Lake men’s basketball has undoubtedly been one of the better programs at Gull Lake over the years, producing some of the best players to ever grace the Blue Devils’ court. Talent like Season 23 winner of the CBS show Big Brother, Xavier Prather, and former Western Michigan football tight end, Odell Miller.

This season they have some new talent of their own and are ready to prove to the SMAC that they mean business. After finishing 12 and 5 last season, and big wins against teams like Kalamazoo Central, the Blue Devils have high expectations in this upcoming season.

Tyler Corstange admires the true beauty of a basket. Photo by DeWitt Renwick.

The loss of last year’s senior class will be noticeable, having a combined average of 36.8 points per game. However, coach Bryan Dutton’s team is up for the challenge.

“The basketball team this year should be a dominating group of athletes” said senior, Angelo Archie.

Key Players

Tyler Corstange, Senior– A leader of this team and one of the most versatile players on the court. Averaging 12.2 points per game and 3.4 assists per game last season, he was a key component to the success of last year’s basketball team. 

Described by Archie as “T Corstange, the deadly charge chef”, can actually be backed up with his astounding 1.8 charges per game. You can expect big things from the “charge chef” this upcoming season.

Haidyn Garrison, Senior– “We got big blue, who is ready to slam it on anyone who wants to try and contest his dunks”, says Archie. 

That’s right, he can dunk. Not many players that can dunk have passed through Gull Lake High School, making Haidyn some sort of mythical creature in this area. His size is not only useful for dunking, but also for having the second highest rebound percentage on the team last year with 4.4 rebounds per game. “Big Blue” will be a dominant force in the paint, and he’ll make a huge impact on this Blue Devil team.

Nathan Louden surveying the court for an open pass. Photo by yearbook staff.

Nathan Louden, Senior– According to Archie, “We got Nathan Louden the lethal deadly shooter.” 

Nathan only scored 44 points last year due to a hand injury early in the season. However, he did shoot 100 percent from the line. His shooting ability will be a valuable asset down the stretch and with an easily chantable name, there will be a lot of “Go Nate!” chants being yelled from the crowd.

Angelo Archie, Senior– You can expect a big year from Angelo. While his stats from last year don’t reflect it, Angelo has a lot of the intangibles that are crucial to the team. His size and strength can help him become a force in the post as well as a lockdown defender. It is unconfirmed whether he chose the number 44 after Utah Jazz veteran, Bojan Bogdanović, but he sure does have the same playing style and grit.

Honorable Mention

Warrick “Bucky” Elder playing lockdown defense. Photo by the yearbook staff.

Warrick “Bucky” Elder, Sophomore– Warrick is a promising young player who is bound to have a breakout year. He is possibly a fan favorite and will get eruptions from the crowd every time he checks in.

Archie is confident in Warrick saying, “We got Warrick Elder, the little man who seems to make crazy passes.”

His quickness and passing ability can prove to be very useful down the line. We saw a preview of his quickness during the JV soccer season, and he is only just getting started. 

“This group of gentlemen will be able to get the job done.”

Angelo Archie

The Gull Lake basketball team shows some true potential and will be ready at tip-off for their first game of the season against Three Rivers at home.

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  1. Wonderfully crafted opinion, this article has excited me beyond belief for the upcoming Gull Lake Basketball season. It really plays into the philosophy of man as a whole the way organized sports can bring together a community, creating comradery and friendship. Since the dawn of time information has been spread sloppily and boringly. This “DeWitt Renwick” has been a favorite of mine on the Gull Lake Reflection page as he brings enthusiastic and informative pieces to the Gull Lake population. He is truly a blessing to our local media. I and readers alike look forward to more works of emotion from DeWitt Renwick.

  2. Eastman approves. This article can stay.

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