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Guide to shopping for the holidays

It’s Christmas Eve, the snow is falling at an extraordinary rate, the roads are terrible, your shopping list is full, and the shelves are empty. People have been waiting until the last second for holiday shopping since the beginning of Christmas. Hopefully with the assistance of holiday shopping expert, and life-long Christmas celebrator, Adam Boyle, you will know what you want to shop for this holiday season. 

Junior Adam Boyle models his fashionable Champion sweatshirt. Photo by Adam Boyle

“Clothes are going to be flying off the shelves this season, I’m personally in the market for a sweatshirt and some socks,”  junior Adam Boyle said. 

Sweatshirts have taken over the styles of many young students nowadays. If we are talking about style,  Boyle is your person to ask. He’s always rocking some sort of Champion sweatshirt and believes that those will be the hottest gift of the season.

If you’re willing to get someone a bigger gift, Boyle recommends the new TaylorMade Spider golf putter. Golf is a sport that is rapidly growing around the world and very popular in the Gull Lake area; therefore, a perfect gift for all ages. A new putter will instantly improve the putting of the recipient and make their golfing experience that much more enjoyable.

Adam Boyle holds up his new putter. Photo by Adam Boyle.

Since the weather might be a little too cold for golf, snow pants are another great option. 

“There’s nothing like the thrill of opening some snow pants on Christmas morning then instantly throwing them on and heading outside,” Boyle said. 

I completely agree with him. Some of my fondest winter memories came from similar experiences. Unless you have Chionophobia, you’re never too cool to have some fun in the snow, which makes snow pants the perfect gift.

I hope everyone reading this has a great holiday break and can take some of  my advice on holiday shopping.

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