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New CDC guidelines stress importance of vaccines, testing and masks

The Mayo Clinic made a chart showing that around Christmas break daily cases seemed to decrease but around early January cases have spiked. President Biden encourages schools to follow safety precautions but remain in person amid the Omnicron variant. 

“Our expectation is for schools to be open full-time for students for in person learning,” said Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on Fox News Sunday. At the same time, Cardona acknowledges there may be bumps in the road as schools become short staffed due to Covid.

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Gull Lake High School closed on Thursdays and Fridays during the last weeks of January 2022 amid short staff concerns due to Covid 19. Last week Gull Lake went virtual again from Friday to next Wednesday. Katie Soule, Gull Lake High schools counselor, commented on how the virtual days affected students’ mental health: “I think that the necessary school closings in January due to staffing shortages could’ve had an impact on student mental health mostly because of the disruption to routine. Humans crave routine, especially after everything we’ve all been through over the last 2 years during the pandemic! But, we all know that routines get disrupted and will continue to get disrupted for the rest of our lives for tons of reasons, so I like to think that this helped students develop more grit and an added ability to roll with the punches”.

What can students and teachers do to remain safe from the virus? The CDC recommends universal mask-wearing, screening testing, that people get vaccinated, and that non-vaccinated students with Caronavirus quarantine for 5 days after showing symptoms.

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