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The burrito vs. burrito bowl debate comes to an end

One of the most polarizing debates has led to broken friendships, ruined relationships, but also created friends for life. You’re going out to lunch with two friends of yours to a fast-casual, Tex Mex restaurant and all is well in your lives. However, the next series of events can be crucial towards not only the remainder of the meal but also for the remainder of the friendships. You step up to the plate to order first, and the employee asks you, “How can I help you today?” You turn back at your friends who are both staring and listening intently at how you answer that question. You ask for a burrito. One of your friends has a smile of relief across their face while the other cringes in disgust at the thought of a burrito instead of the bowl. That friend has never felt so betrayed in their life. You think all is lost with that friend, but you realize you have one more shot before your friend walks out the door. The questions about black or pinto beans and white or brown rice blur together because of the anticipation of another big question. “What kind of meat would you like on that?”

The glorious sight of a burrito after peeling off the tin foil. Photo by DeWitt Renwick.

The loyalty that people show towards their order is unparalleled. So, I decided to spearhead the task of breaking down the pros and cons of burritos and burrito bowls and play the straw that stirs up some of that loyalty. My goal is to maybe even sway some burrito fans to bowls or some bowl fans to switch to burritos.

Disclaimer: Before I get into the nitty-gritty of the article I  want to put my standard order out there. I usually get a burrito with steak as my preferred choice of meat. Due to the possible outcry of the readers saying that this is biased, I have confided with a well-trusted member of the burrito community and burrito bowl community to prevent that from happening. I also want to say that I am completely open-minded coming into this investigation and may come out as a chicken burrito bowl guy on the other side.

First, I’ll start with the burritos. The symphony of flavors all being tied together by a warm, soft tortilla is how the burrito was intended to be eaten. That being said, nothing is perfect and some of the greatest inventions have been drastically improved with change. I.e. the removal of “The” from “The Facebook”. However, the burrito feels like a complete meal and with its unique wrapping of the food, it’s quite fun to eat. 

The two rivaling burrito bowls side by side. Photo taken by Business Insider.

The burrito bowl covers what the burrito lacks. In the standard burrito at most popular chains, the contents of the burrito are pretty stagnant, meaning that in each bite you can tell in which order you put your toppings in. This causes layers in your bites. Unless you go to one of the burrito places where they mix all of your toppings in your burrito (RIP Westnedge Road’s “Pancheros”), a burrito bowl is your best bet to mix all of the toppings. You can experience the whole masterpiece of the burrito in each bite. However, you’re eating the burrito in the same,  boring way that you eat every other food. This is another example of the Mac and cheese dilemma where you need to pick your utensil based on viscosity. Usually, the utensil of choice is the fork however, in a burrito bowl with a lot of queso and finer toppings you might want to go with a spoon. 

In my opinion, the best part of the burrito bowl is the quantity of food. Due to the lack of confinements of the tortilla, it allows for much more food in the larger bowl. However, it just doesn’t seem to fill you up the way that a burrito does. 

In conclusion, I might actually start to try some burrito bowls every once in a while (not permanently). It will be tough to break away from my burrito order that is as perfect as the Mona Lisa, but my research has led me to maybe open up my relationship with burritos in order to experiment with new orders such as the burrito bowl.

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