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Aidan Howard discovers passion

Many students at Gull Lake High School spend their time playing video games, going on social media or even reading a fine piece of literature. However, sophomore Aidan Howard has discovered a new, rather obscure passion. That is the art of Rice Crispies. With this newfound passion, the JV basketball star has earned himself a new nickname, “The Crispie King of Richland.”

Sophomore Aidan Howard smiling after his good friend Carter Birdsall complemented his crispies. Photo taken by DeWitt Renwick.

Every good work of art has a backstory, whether for a change or of sentimental value.

“They are really gooey and sticky and yummy,” said Howard on his purpose of making the Rice Crispy treats

After being asked what the process of making these famous crispies was, he responded with an elaborate and detailed description,

“Four tablespoons of butter melted for 25 seconds, then 40 marshmallows and stir in butter. Microwave for a minute then stir until it’s a good consistency then microwave for 30 seconds then add six scoops of Rice Krispie cereal. Then stir until it’s good and put it in a pan,” Howard said.

This gives an idea on the precision that goes into making these crispies. Taking a look behind the scenes at Howard making the crispies is as if there was a step by step tutorial on how to paint Di Vinci’s Mona Lisa.  Here is a visual representation of the creation of a crispie.

Visual representation by DeWitt Renwick on Howard’s process of making a Rice Crispy treat

When something is at the top, there will always be people coming for the crown. In Aidan’s case, food critics have been making severe accusations that the rice crispies that he makes are allegedly “store-bought.”

“I would ask them if they have ever had one.” This confidence in his crispie making proves to be the secret ingredient in his crispies. However, don’t get so excited to try one because he said he would never sell them

“Probably not they’re too good to not eat.”

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