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The senior year of high school is a year that many students dream of reaching. With graduation comes the end of many strict guidelines and for some the endless hours of homework that high school assigns. Although many students do dream of reaching this point in their high school career, where they will be able to finally say that they made it through all four years, many challenges are ahead in the world after grade school. While preparing to branch off into this new path of life one’s approach is largely based on how they have been raised and the environment that they have been surrounded and shaped by, Will Waldorf, a senior at Gull Lake High School, has been preparing for not just graduation but for what comes after.

Waldorf has been an active student at the high school for all four years. He has been a member of the boys’ soccer team for four years, one of which he and his team won the State Championship title.

He said that winning the state soccer championship with some of his best friends will forever be one of his favorite memories.

“This memory is one that he will carry forward and that will help motivate him to always keep pushing,” Waldorf said.

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Will Waldorf and teammates celebrate after a soccer win. Photo courtesy of William Waldorf

Outside of sports Waldorf excels. He holds a three-year membership in the National Honor Society and his participation in multiple advanced courses at the high school. Waldorf balances school, athletics and also manages to set aside time for himself. Waldorf refers to himself as “a major tech geek,” something that most people don’t know about him, and he said he enjoys playing video games and hanging with friends in his free time.

Waldorf recently qualified for the DECA states competition held in Detroit, Michigan along with his partner Dewitt Renwick.  Waldorf shares that his friends and family have been his encouragement and motivation in life. Waldorf could not be more excited to go off on his college adventure and see what else lies ahead of him in life.

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