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Darrell Johnson looks for to finishing his teaching career at Gull Lake

With 29 years of experience teaching students, the majority being high schoolers along with 20 years of coaching, Daryll Johnson has recently come to Gull Lake High School. Beginning this final trimester of the 2021-22 school year, he’ll be teaching one freshman, 9B and four sophomore English sections of 10B classes. Not only will Johnson be teaching English, but he’ll also be coaching varsity football this fall in the 2022-2023 season.

Johnson said he reached out for the opportunity to teach and coach in the district because he was searching for a change. After years at Comstock and Battle Creek schools, he was welcomed into Gull Lake by previous colleagues like ELA teacher Josh Cunningham and chemistry teacher Paul Schillio. 

“Coming into a school is never really isolating,” Johnson said.

New ELA teacher Daryll Johnson. Photo by the yearbook staff

Many of the teachers have been helping him get settled. Before the new trimester had even started, Johnson even ran an errand for Sheila Wood’s debate class and subbed in classes, including Cheryl Jolin’s AP Literature class.

As for coaching, Johnson said he has coached a variety of sports. In the past, the majority of his coaching experience focused on football, but he has also coached six years of wrestling too. 

“Football is my favorite sport to coach, while lacrosse, which I haven’t coached yet, is my second favorite sport.  I definitely would like to though,” Johnson said. 

Coincidentally, Johnson has worked with principal Don Eastman–also one of Gull Lake’s varsity football coaches. He said that this makes the job less stressful knowing there are familiar faces to work with. 

“I want to work towards building the athletics department,” Johnson said. 

This year the varsity team won 5 games and lost 5 in this 2021-2022 season and he looks to build on this success.

Moving forward, Johnson said he hopes to be helpful to the school and the community.

 “I can use my experience to help the staff and build the players’ skills,” Johnson said.  “I’m hoping to help motivate them more and build their confidence to keep them improving.”

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