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About Us

The Reflection is Gull Lake High School’s student run newspaper located in Richland, Michigan. Our Editors in Chief are Nicholas Tracy and  Caidyn Hutchinson and Junior Editor is Anna Clinton, and our adviser is Cheryl Jolin. The Reflection endeavors to publish daily during the school year.

The Reflection 2019-20 Staff
2019-2020 Reflection Staff pictured on Gull Lake High School 1400 hall stairwell. First row: Hazel Bigelow, 10th, Caidyn Hutchinson, 11th. Second row: Juan Salcedo, 10th, Anna Clinton, 10th, Syann Hollins, 11th, Morgan Manuszak, 12th, Rylee Hovanec, 10th. Third row: Michael Hamp, 10th, Nyla Stanley, 10th, Mariah Harney, 10th, Kayla Hampton, 10th. Fourth row: Molly Clark, 11th, Nicholas Tracy, 12th, Shamiel Hollins, 12th. Fifth row: Charlotte Zervic, 10th, Brittney Wiley, 10th, Chelsey Schram, 10th.,


  • MIPA Gold 2019
  • MIPA Gold 2018
  • MIPA Spartan 2017
  • All-MIPA Staff member Marleigh Thorne editor 2017
  • MIPA Gold 2016
  • MIPA Spartan 2015
  • All-MIPA Staff member Mili Renuart editor 2015
  • MIPA Spartan 2014
  • MIPA Gold 2013
  • MIPA Spartan 2012